Piazza del Cinema di Venezia

C+S give back to the citizens of the Lido  the Piazza in front of the Cinema Festival Palace. "We are proud to have contributed to give back this public space to the citizens of the Lido. We strongly believe in the power of a free, well-designed public domain to be activated by people, their memories, their dreams and their experiences."- say Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini



Nursery school in Alzano Lombardo

Winning entry of an international competition, C+S obtain the planning permission for the new nursery school in Alzano Lomabrdo, in the sensitive and historic context of Villa Paglia. The project was approved to the stage of detialed design and the construction will start in the first quarter of 2019.


C+S wins international competition in Belgium

C+S Architects wins contest in Tervuren, Belgium

C+S Architects has won the international competition for the redevelopment of the Ex-Royal Cavalry Barracks at Panquin site, a plot of 37,000 sqm in the city of Tervuren in Belgium.

The practice defeated other 20 international design teams in the two-phase design competition to win the design contract, which was tendered by the municipality of Tervuren.

The overall investment of 60 millions euros will transform the Ex-Royal Cavalry Barracks into a luxury hotel, a spa, a conference centre and commercial spaces and will develop three new housing blocks as well as redesign the park and the public spaces.

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