Cervignano del Friuli, IT 2024



ISIS Malignani approved: a prototype of circular school which builds communities

“Our research team investigated schools playing with the words ‘circular architecture’. We experimented with circular school layouts as well as with techical specifications designing an assembly kit to push the principles of circularity, in the aim to reach maximum flexibility and the possibility to dismantle the building at end of its life as well as recycling its construction materials. 


For the 100 years Anniversary, the Architects Chamber of Trieste organizes a two-days seminar titled ‘The city I would like…’ They have invited C+S Architects to open the seminar with a lectio magistralis. Maria Alessandra Segantini will talk about the C+S projects through "Conversations with places. Urban regeneration projects are conversations with places, communities and nature. FromBrussels to Leuven, from Pordenone to Milan, from Florence to Bergamo: each place has a story to tell that our projects capture and rewrite thanks to our research for a new balance between the built environment and nature, where the backbone is always space public, true glue of communities’ identity.


Mies van der Rohe Award 2024: Affordable Housing Towers Nominee!

We are honored that our Affordable Housing Towers in Milan have been Nominee in the Mies van der Rohe Award 2024: https://miesarch.com/work/5418

From the EUMIes Award: "Design for the public good. The project is critical of the concept of the gated community. By pulling down the fence, C+S Architects gives back a square to the community, which is designed in material and chromatic continuity with the towers which underlines the importance of sharing collective spaces as a key point to strengthen the community's identity." 



Architekturstiftung Südtirol

Maria Alessandra Segantini will lecture at the Architekturstftung Südtirol, Fondazione Architettura Alto Adige on 05.10.2023: https://fondazione.arch.bz.it/it/eventi/lista-eventi/save-the-date-evento-con-alpewa-cs-architects-arch-maria-alessandra-segantini-629/ The title of the lecture: The Skin we live in/La pelle che abitiamo is a resume of her speach about the power of facades in shaping a new balance between the built and unbuilt envinronment and a new identity of spaces and places. Join now as places are limited and the lecture will not be online!



Maria Alessandra is in the jury of the Italian Architect of the Year Award 2023

Maria Alessandra has joined the jury together with Fernandes Xavier Arpa, Federico Aldini, Alessandra Ferrari, Alberto Lessan, Ignacio Linazasoro to award the Italian Architect of the Year 2023 and the Young Italian Architect 2023 as well as Honourable Mentions. 'I enjoyed the high quality of the work and will reveal the winners at the award ceremony in Rome next October 27th' - says Segantini.


Iowa State University

Maria Alessandra's speech 'Architecture is Always Public' touches on the architects' responsibility to always design for the public good.