Kortrijk, Belgium



Low-tech design

Winner of the international competition organized by Vlaams Bouwmeester and Leiedal (Open Call) for the construction of a low-tech office building in Kortrijk, Belgium, the project represents our approach to a holistic and low-tech design and works on the essence construction and minimum plant equipment, obtaining maximum living comfort. The project criticizes sustainable design that aims to add super-performing glass facades, green-washing or photovoltaic panels on the roof to the building, often hiding the lack of quality of the design itself. With its thick inhabited walls, the new office building for Leiedal is a building for the next 200 years: inhabited by people and plants, it becomes a metaphor of the search for a new equilibrium to inhabit the planet. https://www.leiedal.be/nieuws/leiedal-timmert-aan-slimme-verdichting-met-nieuw-kantoorgebouw



We have won the Open Call of the Vlaams Baumeister in Kortrjik, Belgium

In collaboration with MMA/Bart Macken Eef Boeckx

and with the consultancy of Transsolar, Daidalos Peutz,

Ingenium, VIBE, Ney&Partners and Jan Minne Gardenist,

we have won the international competition for the low-tech

offices of Leiedal in Kortrijk, Belgium, an Open Call

of the Vlaams Baumeister

Thanks to C+S Team, Maria Alessandra Segantini,

Carlo Cappai, Alice Cecchini, Roman Joliy and

Alessandra Lione for the GREAT work!

Press announcement this morning in Leiedal

More news soon...





Innovation for public space

Between 2016 and 2020 Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini have been working as consultants and with the Italian company Bellitalia to help them innovate their urban furniture production.Sitting with the management team, their interdisciplinary reasearch defined new design with a new patented material, UTC® and won the competition for the urban furniture of the Metro Line in Doha, Qatar.




C+S chosen by DETAIL

Honored that our Chiarano Primary School has been

selected for the DEATIL book 'School Buildings'.

The book has dedicated to our work 10 pages highlighting

the quality of lighting and spacial comfort, confirming our

interest in the education sector and in people's wellbeing.


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C+S published in Prague

For our Czeck friends, enjoy Maria Alessandra's interview!



C+S monographic book

Some pages of our recent monographic book in the Maestri dell'Architettura series by Hachette







             Honored to be n. 49 of Masters of Architecture, Hachette