Architecture Centre in Haarlem


PPS. Ponzano Primary School is exhibited in Haarlem, The Netherlands from June 1 to August 31 2012



PPS. Ponzano Primary School is published in the book.

Melanie van der Hoorn, Bricks and Boloons, 010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2012

Bricks & Balloons brings together a wealth of architectural projects that reach out to the world of comics, many published here for the first time. There are also a number of comic-strip creators who have made existing or imaginary buildings a key feature of their work, thereby expressing their perspective on architectural and urban issues. The comic strip medium has proved to be of importance for architecture in three ways: as architecture criticism, as a form of presentation (or representation) and in a few instances even as a method of designing or part of the design process. The book is based on unique first-hand information collected during dozens of interviews with architects and comic strip artists. It sheds light on how such work comes about, what drives architects to resort to this unconventional medium, the response they get from it and the potentials they see for architecture in the use of comics, the ’ninth art’. 

  • M. Van der Hoorn, Bricks and Boloons, 010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2012, pp. 180, 185

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