Stefano Di Daniel

Stefano Di Daniel is a registered architect in Italy. He joined C+S Architects in 2021 as a senior architect and since 2023, Di Daniel is a director of the office.

Prior to join C+S Architects, Stefano, gained worldwide experience in a broad range of sectors including heritage and cultural projects, as a senior design architect with some of the top design firms worldwide, being a project architect at David Chipperfield Architects in Shanghai, as well as a project architect at ZAO/standardarchitecture in Beijing.

Recognizing the degradation of the natural environment, at C+S Stefano set exemplary standards in sustainable design, continuing to avoid new soil consumption, prioritizing reuse, and durable buildings adaptable to future use. 

C+S apply environmental sustainability principles to heritage in many of our projects creating a dialogue between the old and the new. C+S recognize that tangible and intangible heritage, including masterpieces together with more prosaic and recent constructions. The restoration of buildings is vital for reasons of both environmental and social sustainability enriching the identity of places and spaces.

With these value in mind at C+S Stefano has taken care of the restoration of a series of heritage buildings contributing to the legacy of the office. 

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