Planning permission for GAMeC Museum


Bergamo City Council unanimously approved planning permission and Listed Building Consent for the retrofit of GAMeC Museum in Bergamo for a budget of 18M. The project builds on the spatial configuration of the existing structure as an important element of the mental map of the citizens. Freeing the existing volume and leaving the traces of its physical transformations, C+S Architects add a lantern inside to house the museum, establishing a dialogue between the old and the new. A new square sets the foundations for the urban regeneration of that part of the city. https://bergamo.corriere.it/notizie/cronaca/22_agosto_05/gamec-bergamo-nell-ex-palasport-pronto-progetto-ci-sara-anche-terrazza-panoramica-4fbec2d2-14a9-11ed-ba37-430604c4cd74.shtml 

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