GAMeC Museum approved!

Bergamo City Council unanimously approved the detailed design phase for the retrofit of GAMeC Museum in Bergamo for a budget of 18M. The project builds on the spatial configuration of the existing structure, while inseriting a new volume which will house the new galleries. Freeing the existing volume and leaving the traces of its physical transformations, C+S Architects establish a dialogue between the old and the new. A new square sets the foundations for the urban regeneration of this part of the city. Thank you to all who have worked on this project under the direction of Carlo Cappai, Maria Alessandra Segantini and Stefano Di Daniel. Full description of the project here: http://web.cipiuesse.it/en/projects/gamec-museum_5_96.htm



Corriere della Sera

Thanks to Stefano Bucci, Corriere della Sera for featuring us!




Siamo onorati di aver vinto il Premio Architetto dell'Anno 2022 e ringraziamo la giuria Goncalo Sousa Byrne, Camilla Fabbri, Alessandra Ferrari, Francesco Manzoni e Franco Tagliabue per la motivazione che sarĂ  per noi una guida per continuare questo bellissimo viaggio nell'architettura. 

We are honored to have won the Award Italian Architect of the Year and we thank the jury Goncalo Sousa Byrne, Camilla Fabbri, Alessandra Ferrari, Francesco Manzoni and Franco Tagliabue for the award motivation, which means a lot to us and will guide us in thei wonderful journey in architecture.

Enjoy the video of the ceremony: https://youtu.be/dMj67JjovmM



DOMUS 1074

We are honored to have contributed to #domus 1074 (pages 9-13). Thanks to Valentina Croci inviting Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini to speak about the retrofitting of the former Palazzetto dello Sport in Bergamo which will be tranformed into the new GAMeC Museum. "The project has the role of urban reclamation. This is not only limited to the 6000 sqm building, but extends to the surrounding space. (...) Art is evolving towards a participatory and emotional use that it is taking it outside the galleries and prompting it to appropriate the street and the public spaces. Architecture has the role of recognising and improving abandoned spaces and retrofitting is a resilient tool to translate the past and transform it into a resource for the community". https://lnkd.in/dnMB9BaX

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