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Maria Alessandra's speech 'Architecture is Always Public' touches on the architects' responsibility to always design for the public good.





A poetic encounter between tradition and innovation

The 19M restoration of the Ex-Jail in Trento to become the new Law-Court has been unanimously approved and granted the planning permission. "The game of the project is that to build a conversation between old and new, fostering the beauty of the original building with a new beauty of refined detail, capable of defining a new poetical encounter between tradition and innovation."- state Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini



Milano Design Week 2023

"Skin is the name we have chosen for the new .Elmar kitchen system. We have designed a frame, which is also the handle of the system. Everyone has such a direct experience of the handle that they don't care, like those gestures we are used to making without thinking about it, we go in and out without pausing, but if we go to its essence, the handle is synonymous with freedom.The thrill of discovery when the wine cellar opens during an informal business meeting, the colors of the vegetables that flood the space while preparing dinner together, the scent of a surprise cake prepared for the arrival of the kids after the school that pervades the room… It's that handle, that detail we don't care about, that little sign that gives us these emotions. In conceiving the new Skin kitchen for .Elmar, we started from the handle because the handle is the very moment that puts the kitchen and its skin in relation. The handle draws also the structure of Skin. Horizontal. Vertical. aligned. At intervals. An open structure to be freely completed with richness of the materials of the doors (wood, steel, glass) or with flavors, smells and colors that explode at the touch of the hand. The Skin system is then a skin in the richest sense of the term" - Carlo Cappai, Maria Alessandra Segantini

More news during the Milano Design Week...



Big Opening today with BG23!

We are honored to exhibit at Palazzo delle Libertà in Bergamo our project for the new GAMeC Art Museum, which will start contruction soon! Curated by Luca Molinari, the exhibition collects some of our first sketchesi as well as the final execution drawings... 

Our design has always an urban stand. It is not limited to the 6,000sqm building, instead it extends to the surrounding piazza. Art is evolving towards a participatory and emotional use, the reason why we push it outside the gallery to invade the public domain.  Architecture has the role of recognising and improving abandoned spaces and retrofit is a resilient tool to translate the past and transform it into a resource for the community. Opening today at 6:00pm


Kortrijk, Belgium



Go ahead for The Sky Tower in Kortrijk

The Municipality of Kortrijk has unanimously granted the planning permission to the student tower 'The Sky', designed by C+S Architects in partnership with Linklab and Markland from Kortrijk. This collaboration has resulted in a unique landmark of 53 meters high that will put Kortrijk on the map. Not only as a student city, but also as a city with a heart for sustainability and architecture. Full article here


Spazi che conservano e interpretano il patrimonio materiale e immateriale delle comunità


We are pleased to announce that founding partners @carlo.cappai and @mariaalessandrasegantini have been invited to lecture @Politecnico di Milano next 07.03.2023 at 3:00pm opening a lecture series about the transformations of the city of Bergamo.
Would you like to know more about their approach towards tangible/intangible heritage? Join them in Via Golgi, 39 - Milano aula 21.6.2 or online